Eiropas Ģimenes psihoterapeitu asociācijas (EFTA) prezidenta Rodolfo de Bernart pārskats.


Piedāvājam  ieskatīties Eiropas Ģimenes psihoterapeitu asociācijas (EFTA) jaunākajā vēstnesī, kurā prezidents Rodolfo de Bernart sniedz pārskatu par 9 mēnešos paveikto un ziņo par turpmākajiem plāniem.

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NEWSLETTER 19 – July 2017

A word from EFTA’s President

Rodolfo da Bernart - EFTA prezidents

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am writing these few words from Lisbon, where I am participating and presenting in a very interesting conference of RELATES ( Red Latino-Americana y Europea de Escuelas Sistemicas) in which the spoken languages are Castillano (Spanish) and Portuguese. Founded by Roberto pereira and Juan Linares, it includes also some Catalan, French and Italian  members.
It is an alternative world for our English-French speaking association with whom we start to be in touch. This participation is coherent with our program of creating soon a World Federation of Family Therapy in building which EFTA has an important position. After the first contacts made by our past President Kyriaki Polichroni and the very important meeting organized and chaired by our past President Maria Borcsa in Athens, we decided to keep contact with other continental associations (AFTA and AAMFT from USA  and Canada, RELATES from Latin America -South and Central-, AAFT from Asia, Australian and New Zealand FT Association and some local association from Africa).
This year Maria Borcsa participated to the AFTA Conference in Philadelphia USA, I am now in Relates in Portugal and will go to Tokyo for Asiatic AAFT in November.

As President I find important to follow the activity of our three chambers. So I was present to the important and useful meeting of NFTO in Brno in May, which also included a half  day in the Conference of the Czech Association. I’ll be in Malta in October for the EFTA-TIC event for Trainers, which is always interesting and during which we will have our Board and our General Assembly.
In November I’ll be in Milan for the EFTA-CIM event on Violence. Efta-Cim is very active and proposed three different events this year and is already preparing an event in Toulouse in wich we will have our Board and Assembly in 2018.

I also participated in March to the Systemic Research Conference in Heidelberg, very interesting as usual. Unfortunately this was the last time in Heidelberg. Now we are looking for another location for next Research conference in 2020.

EFTA Board met in Florence in January 2017 and will meet again in Malta. EFTA Executive Committee met by skype  three times in these months and  is working on different subjects. We are already preparing the next conference in Italy, probably in Naples, and we are trying to start the work of the Committees. We are also trying to create a program of Webinars, free for our members, in order to have some possibilities of connection and scientific update between our Conferences.

I wish to all of you a wonderful Summer  and I hope to meet many of you in Malta and Milan !

Rodolfo de Bernart