Esiet sveicināti Latvijas Ģimenes Psihoterapeitu biedrības mājas lapā!

Esiet sveicināti Latvijas Sistēmisko un ģimenes psihoterapeitu biedrības mājas lapā!

“Latvian Association of Systemic and Family Psychotherapy” is a professional organization whose objectives are promoting the development of systemic and family psychotherapy in Latvia; raising public awareness of family relationship issues, of the systemic approach; consolidating the systemic, family psychotherapists and the systemic supervisors in a unitary professional organization, promoting the exchange of professional experience; organizing and supporting events that are focused on popularizing systemic and family psychotherapy…

Vairāk par Latvijas Sistēmisko un ģimenes psihoterapeitu biedrību..


4. July, 2017

Information about James Furrow workshops in Tallinn, September 2017

Dear colleagues, we offer you information about James Furrow worshops in Tallinn on september, 2017. Workshop on 27.-28.09. “Emotionally Focused Family Therapy: Healing Relationships and Promoting Resilience”. More information: EFFT Jim Furrow 27-28.09.2017, eng. Workshop on 29.-30.09. “Broken Bonds and Betrayals: Treating Infidelity with Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy”. More information: Broken Bonds Jim Furrow in Tallinn for […]

4. July, 2017

Information about Summer School in Brno, Czech Republic, August 2017

Dear colleagues, We offer you information about a Summer School for Systemic-Dialogical Practices in August 2017. There are still some few possibilities available to participate. For more information see the attachment or