Presentation about Systemic Family Psychotherapy in Latvia

We offer you to see the prezentation from Ilona Busa in EFTA meeting on May 2016 about the development and situation of Systemic Family psychotherapy in Latvia. The presentation was made in cooperation with the members of Latvian Association of Systemic and Family Psychotherapists, specially Ieva Rozīte-Ķikse.

Report about EFTA meeting in Riga, May 2016

EFTA Conference events in ascending order: February 12 – 15, 2015 Belgium, Leuven, Monica Whyte (EFTA Chairman) and Maria Borcsa (President of EFTA) makes an offer to Andželika Kāle and Inga Jurševska to hold the EFTA / NFTO 2016 meeting in Riga. Thanks to LSĢPB Board for willingness to take risk and accept the idea […]